Adulterous Wife Runs Mad In Lagos


An adulterous wife reportedly ran mad in Lagos. Chibuzo Ogaeze, a man identified as her husband urged an Ojo Customary Court sitting in Lagos State to urgently dissolve his marriage, since he can no longer live with a mad woman and an adulteress.

Chibuzo Ogaeze narrated how his wife was afflicted with the strange madness following her in an extra-marital relationship which was a taboo in the culture of his homeland. he alleged that;

The trouble is too much. My wife and her people know they have committed an atrocity. As I speak with you right now, my wife is wandering, stark naked, on the streets.
You can send any court official to come with me and see it practically; the embarrassment is beyond me. I need an urgent divorce that will detach me from her.

He was claimed that he doubted the paternity of the four-month-old baby his adulterous wife had for him.

She left my house in August 2014 without pregnancy, so she cannot deceive me. I have returned her things. She left in my house through this court.
I don’t want her to come to my house for any reason. She actually went mad after delivery, and the development prompted me to take her to a psychiatric hospital several times.
The problem is spiritual because of her atrocities; I have taken possession of the other three children. In fact, the baby with her should be taken away before she harms her.
I am ready for the refund of the bride price of N10,000 I paid.

Victor Agboga

Victor Agboga

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