Zimbabwe Bans Alcohol During Weekdays, For Pregnant Women


Zimbabwe government is set to place a ban on alcohol usage during the weekdays and for pregnant women as well

The Zimbabwean government has proscribed a law which prevents the usage of alcohol. This will be during the weekdays and some hours of the day. This law is expected to curb abuse of the liquor.

The National Alcohol Policy is said to be the brainchild of Zimbabwe former health minister, Timothy Stamps. He currently serves as health adviser in the office of the president.

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The new law mostly target motor vehicle drivers. They will be arrested if they are found driving under the influence with blood concentration levels going beyond 0.08 per 100ml. Also, selling the drink to expectant mothers is also punishable.

The policy further states that any alcohol advertisement should be done off the road. At least, further than 100 metres from a road intersection, school, clinic, hospital, church and old people’s home.

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However, critics of this regulation have concerns on its effect on the unemployment rate in the country. Proponents however say it will help impart behavior change and curb alcohol abuse.


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