Young Thug Facing 2 Charges Of Felony Aside Weed Possession

young thug

Young Thug is currently having one more legal on top another while he sat in jail

Young Thug, rapper is now facing two more felonies. This is excluding his drug possession charge.

The rapper was arrested on Saturday in Goergia by Brookhaven PD. This was after his car was pulled over for having tinted windows.

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TMZ reports that the police searched Thug’s Maybach because it smelled like marijuana. They found 2 guns and almost $50,000 in cash.

Thug was arrested, along with the two other men in his car. He now faces a felony charge for drug possession, for narcotics and liquid codeine in his car. Along with felony for weed. Not forgetting the tinted windows charge too. 

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YT appeared in court Wednesday, posted bond and is now out of jail.


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