Young Nigerian man married to a 50year-old Russian woman dies of heart attack at a club.


A 32-year-old Nigerian married to a 50year-old Russian woman dies at a dance club last friday night.

Gabriel Segun Ajayi died at a dance club last Friday night, 12 October, in the city of Cherepovets, Moscow.
Russsian investigators have stated that a probe would be condoned to determine the cause of death after a forensic examination. This is coming after an initial report from a media portal in the city of Cherepovets, which claimed Ajayi died of heart attack.

Ajayi and his older wife, Natalia Vedenina, met on the internet in 2012. Due to language differences, they communicated through an online translator.

Speaking on the death of her husband, Natalia said;

“Gabriel had a massive heart attack, he collapsed and died. He wasn’t on any medications. My husband didn’t have any complaints about his heart. INFORMATION CAME two hours after it happened…Our children are just babies –they are just a year old, they don’t understand anything yet,”

Ajayi will be buried in the city of Cherepovets, closer to where his widow and children are. His mother lives close to th location and is assisting in taking care of the children.

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The Nigerian Embassy in Moscow is reportedly looking into reports about the Nigerian indigene death.


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