Woman Who Killed Her Husband In Bayelsa State To Die by Hanging.

woman sentenced to death by hanging

Bayelsa State High Court, on Tuesday, Sentenced To
Death By Hanging Of 30-year-old Victoria Gagariga For The Killing Of Her Husband, Henry Gagariga, On February 4, 2015. This Occured At Their Residence Along Ebisam Road In Akenfa, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

The deceased is a lawyer from Sagbama Local Government Area and his wife Victoria from Brass Local Government Area. She is a  staff of the Bayelsa Arts and Culture, the couple had been cohabiting for years before they decided to legalize their union in 2014. They had no children.

Victoria was said to have stabbed Henry on the neck on the faithful day after a misunderstanding between the couple. Later on, the doctors attending to him in the hospital pronounced him dead.

Justice Aganaba, before reading his judgement, said the prosecution called six witnesses and produced seven exhibits. The defence had only one witness who happened to be the accused.

Justice Aganaba, went through records of cross –examination of the witnesses, noted that proof the accused committed the murder of Henry Gagariga rested with the prosecution. This is  in line with the three ingredients, to prove a murder case namely that the deceased died, the death of the deceased was caused by the accused and that the action of the accused was intentional with the knowledge that death or grievous bodily harm was its probable consequence.

The Judge said all facts confirmed that she was the only person with the deceased at the time of death. And also the only person to have the opportunity to have kill him.

According to him, Victoria committed a murder of passion which was a result of jealously as the couple were obsessed with each other.

The judge said,

“It is unfortunate that I can only pronounce the sentence prescribe by law. I wish I had the discretion to do otherwise. However that discretion rests with the Executive Governor of Bayelsa state.

I am only left with the compulsion to pronounce the sentence prescribed by law. with hope that person the discretion would look at the circumstance of this case and do the needful. my sentence is pronounced as thus. My sentence upon you is that you shall hang on the neck until you die. May the Lord have mercy on your soul“

The accused is sentenced to death by hanging for her crime.

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