Woman Abandons Child Because Her Pastor Told Her She Had A Snake Spirit


A woman in Delta State Amara Emeka who abandoned her baby girl after she was told by her pastor that she has a snake spirit is making trending currently online.

According to Linda Ikeji’s blog, Amara Emeka was told her baby was possessed by the spirit of snake by the pastor of Rhema Bible Church Apostle Paul Andrew, and she was to pay N52,000 for deliverance.

According to the story shared by Sapele Oghenek, a media personality in Delta state, the baby was found in Green Egbedi by Reclamation Road, Sapele, on Sunday morning, around 4:30 a.m.

The child was taken to the police station and later in the day, they traced the mother of the child who informed the reason for her actions.

See the radio discussion as reported by Sapele:

If I talk about men of God,some persons here go carry cutlass for my neck,like say na all men of God, nai God call.
Make I nack unu this very short story make only unu tell me who dey wrong before I go use am do post by 3pm about wetin I think about this people wey involve.

We all know say na women nai go Church pass and na dem nai still dominate marine world and coven. Where problem nor dey,only some women go use deir legs go find trouble put,after them go dey catch witch.

Yesterday early morning at about 4:30am for “Green Egbedi by Reclamation road”,nai dem see one baby for d junction dey cry seriously. As God go do am,dem cum carry the pikin go Police Station,go register the case and make complain.
Na later in the day,dem cum see d mother of the baby,wey cum talk say,na one pastor wey get Church for cemetery by palace hotel,nai tell her say,her pikin na snake and make she bring N52,000. So that he fit pray for the baby and d baby go dey better.
The name of the woman na Amara Emeka and she dey stay macphason by Komi Rd. Na the Pastor talk,nai put fear for her mind,wey make her go drop the woman for the junction,so that the baby go cry die or make dem carry the baby go Madam Buwa easily, becos she nor fit raise the N52,000 to give her man of God.

Make we all nor look this matter throway face, becos e good make we pour out our mind,for others to learn from


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