“Want it? Put a Ring on It” – Taraji P. Henson [Click for Details]

Taraji P.Henson

American actress, Taraji P. Henson has spilled an important information about her personal life during an interview on The Steve Harvey Show when she revealed that she is not the type of woman to “claim a man” if he is not ready to “put a ring on it”. The Empire actress is a single mother of one that has so little information out there about relationships with me.

44 year old Taraji made it clear to Steve Harvey and all listeners that she will not involve in a relationship that will result in embarrassing her son and her future man.

Taraji P.Henson "I Won't Claim A Man Until He Puts A Ring On It" wazobians.com
I’m a grown woman so ‘dating and let’s just see’ –those days are over. If there’s nothing on this finger, if this finger’s naked, no one gets claimed. You don’t get claimed until you claim me. Period. You don’t get to say, ‘I dated Taraji P. Henson.’ You don’t get to go on the red carpet and share that part of my life with me because now, today with social media, it’s not private. I have a son and I don’t want them to be like ‘mom dated that one and this and this’…I can’t do that. I can’t afford that because then when I do meet the one, he’s gonna be like, ‘you were a ho, you been with this one, this one, this one’…I can’t do that.

Taraji P.Henson "I Won't Claim A Man Until He Puts A Ring On It" wazobians.comALSO READ: Karrueche & Christina Milian Display Butts On Beach



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