UNILAG Shuts Down Over Students’ Protest


The management of the Unilag has ordered a stop to all academic activities in the school until conditions improve

The authorities in charge of Unilag have decide to momentarily pause academic activities in the school until the worst is over. The decision was reached on Thursday by the UIniversity senate. It said:

The Senate of the University of Lagos at an emergency meeting on Thursday, 7th April, 2016, considered the situation on campus occasioned by the ongoing agitation of the student body over poor electricity and water supply in the community, and the difficulty faced by a large number of students living off campus to attend classes as a result of the fuel crisis.

… In order to forestall a further breakdown of law and order on campus, Senate resolved to take the following decisions until the situation normalises:

All academic activities on campus are hereby suspended with immediate effect. The university is therefore closed with immediate effect

Students living off campus were ordered to exit the premises before 10am on Friday. The students would return when “municipal service improves”

Wonder when that is? This is not the first time that the students of the highly reputable school are complaning of uncondusive living enviroment. 


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