Toyosi of Rise Group Release more Wedding Photos

Toyosi Akerele of Rise Group
Toyosi Akerele


Popularly known as simply Toyosi, Toyosi Akerele-Ogunsiji is celebrating her one month wedding anniversary today as she took to the social media to celebrate her VERY handsome boo. She released more of their pre and post wedding photographs on facebook today with these words;

Toyosi Akerele of Rise Group

“It’s one Month today, you still take my breath away. I’m a different woman because of the way you love and gently lead me. The way you support & teach me is such a great complement to me & God knew what I needed when he gave me, YOU.

I admire & respect you in a way I have never felt about any other man. Even in your silence, there’s Love, there’s Lessons I learn.

And I’m keeping you forever and for always.

We would be together all of our days...”

Did I hear the ladies say “Oh my gosh”?

Toyosi Akerele wedding picture

Toyosi is the Founder & CEO of Rise Group. She has paid her dues in the development of youths in Nigeria and is currently serving (and representing the Nigerian youth) in at least one Presidential Committee.

We wish them all the best.




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