Tourist Gets Jail Term In Dubai For Middle Finger Gesture

dubai middle finger

A tourist has got more than he bargained for when he stuck up his middle finger while he drove in Dubai

Jamil Mukadam was driving a hired car in Dubai when he flashed the middle finger sign to a raging motorist on the road. The British tourist thought nothing about it at the time.

He flew back to Leicester in February. However, the 23 year old was imprisoned this month when he returned to United Arab Emirates. Now, he awaits his court hearing where he could get sentencing of six months in prison. It’s either that or a pretty huge fine.

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According to Jamil:

I was driving to the airport with my wife and this guy was up behind me flashing his lights. I pulled over and they were screaming at me. So I stuck my finger up, drove off and thought nothing of it. But when I came back to Dubai and through passport control there was a loud beeping sound and, within seconds, I was surrounded by police.

I was two days in a cell with 172 others including a murderer and rapist. I had no bed, blanket or food. Now I can’t leave my hotel because I don’t have my passport and I’ll run out of money by the end of the week.”


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