Touching! Soso Soberekon Used to Squat in “Aboki” Room

Uba Michael Shares an Inspiring Story about Soso Soberekon

As Soso Soberekon marks his birthday today, his friends have been sending him beautiful messages to celebrate him but the most heartwarming of them all is the one by Uba MichaelĀ in which he recalled how the businessman used to squat with the “Aboki” (security guard).

Uba Michael who obviously has known Soso Soberekon for many years recounted the music mogul’s early days in Lagos and how he had a humble beginning. Read the story below. Touching, you will agree!

Happy Birthday to this brother of mine…@sososoberekon …. I knew d day you waka come Lagos, the orile coker days, the wahala days of receiving insults from people and family, the days of squatting in the aboki room in your family members crib, the days when we would turn d church to a club lolzzz…., the days we all fought ,as d young men wey we be na , to the days of producing “obodo” by niga raw, the days of nothing, but from way back your dream has always been big, mad ass big dreams… and I can say that is what has brought you where you are today…. I appreciate your humble beginnings, and bless God for where you are today… keep soaring bro…God dey… #whiteLion…. So pee…happy birthday again ma nigga

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Soso Soberekon has expressed his gratitude to Uba Michael for sharing. To know that this man had such a humble beginning and has become what he is today through hard-work is both inspiring and humbling. What are your thoughts?


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