Teju Baby Face: My wife is the centre of my career

Teju Baby Face: My wife is the centre of my career

Teju Baby Face gushed over his beautiful wife in a recent interview with Vanguard news.

Celebrated comedian and TV host, Teju Oyelakin, more popularly known as Teju Baby Face, and host of his own show bearing the same name has gushed about his wife in a recent chat with Vanguard.

Teju Baby Face claimed that his wife is the best thing that has happened to him.

I married the best woman on earth. Sincerely, I got much more than I deserve in this regard. She is the best of all women.
My marriage has improved my career and also made me responsible. My marriage is great and gets interesting as the day goes by. I fended and thought for myself as a single man. I was also a bit reckless then. I am more responsible as a married man. I am an expert when it comes to women and I know a good one. She is one of the good ones and I will always appreciate her. She was kept for me.

He shared his most romantic moment with his wife:

My wife is far from the traditional romantic woman, which is the exact reason I married her. She is not the type who would jump at a gift without knowing the reason behind it. She is a very serious minded type who does not really need a man before getting things right. She doesn’t crave for attention like many women do. There was a time we forgot our wedding anniversary and when we remembered, we laughed at it. I would not have lasted with a woman who will nag or sob at things like that. She is a strong woman. And that is the best romantic experience I enjoy with my wife.

Teju Baby Face recently disclosed that he is set to upgrade his talk show to international standard.


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