Teenager Commits Suicide After Classmates Post Her Nudes On Snapchat

teenager commits suicide

A 15 year old teenager commits suicide after her classmates secretly filmed her while in the bathroom without her permission and posted it on Snapchat for all to see

The mother of the teenager, Levon holton-Teamer was the one who found out that her daughter, a teenager commits suicide. She had sent Tovonna to go clean up her bedroom but went to check up on her when she noticed no movements from the room, she proceeded to check on her daughter.

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According to News channel 8, she said:

I go to the bathroom; I couldn’t get in the bathroom. The bathroom light was off so I tried to get in and I looked down and I saw the puddle of blood. I tried to apply the pressure, the pressure to her head. I tried to save her.

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As it turned out, the agonized teenager had taken her own life with a gun from her mother’s purse, shooting her self in the head. Levon said that 3 hours before her death, she had seemed worried over a nude picture her friends took of her in the shower without her permission. Her daughter kept saying ” Mommy, I owe them; I owe them”

teenager commits suicide

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It was her aunt, Angel Scott, who learnt through Facebook that it was not just a pic but a video of Tovanna in the shower that was posted on Snapchat. Tovanna’s photo has been shared thousands of times on social with the Stopbullying hastag. With Tovanna’s family calling for justice, the case has been turned over to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office to continue to investigate.

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