Teen Mother Stabs Lover 5 Times during Sex


Nineteen year old mother of one Zoe Adams has been sentenced to 12 years in a UK prison for stabbing her lover five times while they were having sex. They have been in an unstable off and on relationship up until the incident.

Zoe Adams had sent a text message prior to their sexual encounter saying that men should only be used as “human sacrifice”.

The incident which took place on 29th, July 2017, has finally been laid to rest today by the Carlisle Crown Court.

The victim Kieran Bewick said during the hearing that his assailant Zoe dressed in clown makeup and put a pillow over Kieran Bewick’s head “to make it kinkier.”

Zoe, who is fascinated by serial killers, had asked Bewick if he was prepared to be tied up after smoking cannabis and drinking half a bottle of vodka.

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She told Bewick, who was 17 at the time to trust her before stabbing him in the chest, arm and thigh with a 10-inch blade, the jurors were told.

Carlisle Crown Court in the UK heard Bewik’s description of the attack in a police interview shown to the jurors including how Adams had appeared wearing the clown makeup as he lay in bed.

Zoe admitted to unlawfully and maliciously wounding the now 18 year old Bewick with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

“Zoe told officers she blacked out and had no memory of the attack. Her 17-year-old victim is not so fortunate. He will have to live with the physical and mental scars of Adams’ actions for the rest of his life.”

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Detective Constable Calvin Greaves said “Any assault with a knife has the potential for fatal consequences. In this instance, the young victim of this callous and violent attack has been very fortunate to escape with his life.”


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