Tamilore Ojo Martins – I like Marathon S.E.X

Tamilore Ojo Martins - I like Marathon S ex w

Tamilore Ojo Martins is known to be a very candid person. This time, the actress cum producer has disclosed that she likes marathon s ex and will give it any time her partner wants it.

Nollywood actress and producer, Tamilore Ojo Martins has admitted that she likes rough s ex. She also claimed to be poised for marathon s ex if her partner wants it. The former Nigerian Tribune reporter who dumped journalism for acting disclosed this in an interview published by Sun News.

Tamilore Ojo Martins said that she is very good at lovemaking.

S ex for me is a thing I enjoy doing with someone I love, and please note, not someone I like. And I love doing it because I know I’m very good at it.

The actress who is considered sexy by many Nollywood enthusiasts said she will give s ex to her partner as long as he wants it. She said she is however not addicted to s ex as she could go for months without it. She admitted that she will give her partner marathon s ex even if he demands for it on a daily basis.

Tamilore Ojo Martins - I like Marathon S ex

I love it because it makes me feel cool and relaxed. I could as well relax without having s’ex but s’ex cools the mind. What drives me crazy is the way my man handles me. Honestly, the way my man responds to s’ex blows my mind!

Tamilore Ojo Martins started acting actively in 2010. She has not only acted in many movies. She has also produced a few.


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