IK Ogbonna Claims That Sex Outside Marriage Isn’t Infidelity


Popular Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna stated in an interview that he thinks sex outside marriage is not cheating.

IK Ogbonna made this statement in an interview with Broadway TV.

In his opinion, sex outside marriage is not the worst thing that can happen to married people.

He also stated that cheating can only occur when a married person shares his or her emotion with another person.

He feels sex outside marriage can just be a casual fling and worth nothing.


As long as the person in quote means nothing to you and the action is just physical, sex isn’t cheating.

When asked further about his opinion on the subject, he said:

“If a man finds himself in a situation, like sleeping with another woman for 30 minutes and you move on with your life, nothing exists the second it ended.

“With that you only broke your marital vows. That’s not cheating. Cheating is when you share your 100 percent with another woman: like giving her your extra time, having chatty moments and planning trips with her”

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