Bob-Risky And Daddy Freeze Have A Go At Each Other In IG Fight


Controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze and cross dresser, Bob-Risky have a go at each other on Instagram after the latter ‘insulted’ the former

Talk about shading Bob-Risky. It all began when Daddy Freeze posted a video of himself on Snapchat. In the video, his little boy was saying to  him:

Daddy don’t wear mommy’s high heels o!

To which Freeze replied:

I won’t wear mommy’s high heels, I’m not BobRisky

This apparently did not go down well with BobRisky who immediately fired back. See his response below:


This was followed by a heavy reply by Freeze which had many fans in ‘awe’.


LOL! What do you guys think?

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Bob Risky, King Of Snapchat Shares Nude Photo

bob risky

Bob Risky, cross dresser has shared a nude photo of himself. He also slams haters who he says claim that his butt is large cos he wears a butt pad

Idris Okuneye popularly known as Bob Risky is definitely going nowhere anytime soon. The self acclaimed king of Snapchat is always posting about one thing or the other. He however has one outstanding feature. That;s the fact that you can’t help but notice how he gets prettier every time you see him.

This he has more than once confessed is due to his bleaching cream and soap which he also sells. At least to those willing to try it. He recently posted a picture of his behind and got people talking. Most people felt that he had done surgery or something of that sort to enhance it.

Now, Bobrisky is back with a shocker. He uploaded a picture of his bare butt on his private Instagram account. Th ecaption read:

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Firstly haters saying my ass is not natural that I wear pad can u see it. Secondly I never argue that I did not bleach. But pls how many cream seller in dis Lagos will upload their skin on their page for client to see if d cream really work ? They know themselves. Stretch mark free no single spot. Let haters keep editing my pic 😂😂😂😂😂😂 am still hot like fire 🔥. Check out that curve ass and flat tommy.ass cream is also available it will pop out but definitely it won’t look like d surgery type.

bob risky

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He’s also well known for showing off and giving ‘advice’ to girls, as well as the saying: ‘F^^k better d^^ks to better your life.’

What do you think about this?

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Bob Risky – My Mum Hired Hoodlums To Beat Me For Shaming The Family

bob risky

Nigerian cross dresser, Bob Risky speaks on how his mother had a hard time accepting who he was even though his father was cool with it

Speaking with Punch, the controversial cross dresser said his father accepted who he had become quickly even though his mum did not. According to Bob Risky:

My father knows who I am and he is not bothered. One day he said to me, ‘You’re getting older and you’re over 18, it is up to you to decide if this is the right or wrong path to life.

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When my mum noticed my feminine side, she used to beat me. At some point , she hired some hoodlums to manhandle me because she felt I was bringing shame to the family. Later, she let me be because she noticed the beating did not yield any result.

She however, got over it:

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 My mum got to love me so much before she died because I’m hard-working. I cooked for her when she was alive, I cleaned  her shoes and  picked her outfits. Before she died, she stopped bothering about Bobrisky.

He recently got his first magazine cover with Accelerate TV


Favour loves to read, sing, write, dance and play. A curious cat.