Swaziland King Marries 19th Wife, A 14 Year Old Girl


King of Swaziland has unveiled another wife he has acquired, specifically the 19th one. This time, the bride is a 14 year old girl

King Mswati III has officially unveiled his new bride. The King of Swaziland’s new wife is a 14 year old girl. She is Siphelele Mashwama, the daughter of a cabinet minister in Swaziland, Jabulile.

Siphelele graduated from Swaziland’s Waterford Kamhlaba World University College. She is in currently in New York, where the king is attending the United Nations General Assembly.

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It is actually a common tradition in Swaziland for the King to pick a bride annually. Siphelele was chosen by the king during the annural Reed Dance that took place this month. The Reed Dance is usually held in August or September. The annual event spanned eight days and would be brides are checked to see if their virginity is still intact.


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