Sugar Daddy: Young Girl Pose N ude with Man [Photo]

pricilla pose nude with older man

Women have been asked to stop taking n*de photos with men. But this young girl did not heed that warning and took n*des with her sugar daddy.

In recent times as societal values drop and parenting standards slack, we have seen social vices thrive. A Zambian girl named Priscilla who looks less than 25 years old took a photograph with a man who looks old enough to be her father … n*ked in bed. The man seems to be her sugar daddy. She took another one with only a pair of panties on.

This is despite the warning that women should stop allowing men take their n-ude pictures. Her friend commented on the photograph on Instagram in these words;

I can’t believe this shit right now … why though why omg it’s sad you’ve ruined your own life over this shit!! I’m so disappointed in you

Again, ours has become a global society that is devoid of morality. If not, why will a young lady be sleeping with a man old enough to be her father? For money? For Iphone 6? For car? Why?

Enough of the talking. Ladies beware of sugar daddy palaver!!! When things go sour between you, the gain becomes nothing compared to the pain.


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