Star Wars: See Kim Kardashian’s Hot Taut Body In Star Wars Costume (Photos)

Kim and Kanye as Star Wars characters

 Kim Kardashian West, shared some throwback photos of herself with husband, Kanye West, in honor of the release of new movie, ‘Star Wars: The Force awakens.’

New mom and reality TV star, Kim Kardashian, took to her website to celebrate like every other american, the release of the much anticipated new movie ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’.

North West’s mom decided on sharing some throwback pictures of herself with husband, Kanye West, as her own way of showing just how happy she is about the release of the movie.

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The pictures according to Kim, are throwback photos from one of her first encounters with her now-husband.

After sharing the photos, she wrote:

 In honor of Star Wars: The Force Awakens being released today, I wanted to share these old pics of Kanye and me from years ago!We worked together on a pilot for a show called Alligator Boots back in 2008 and I played Princess Leia.

We had met before this project (back in 2003), but I would say this is when we first really connected. These pics are SO funny! (sic).

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Kanye and Kim

Kim and Kanye, who are ardent lovers of Star Wars, were recently photographed with their new born son, Saint.


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