Speculations Around Lilian Esoro Engagement to Ubi Franklin

lilian esoro engagement to ubi franklin speculations

The wild speculations surrounding the engagement of Made Men Music Group boss, Ubi Franklin and Nollywood actress, Lilian Esoro since the announcement on 19th March, was so much that it took the music businessman actually posting a photograph and praying about “the union” for people to be able to choose what to believe.

The obviously happy couple posed for another photograph which Ubi Franklin shared this morning. The beautiful Lilian Esoro reposted it on Instagram and also tweeted it for her Twitter followers. The caption reads;

You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly. Love one another and you will be happy. It’s as simple and as difficult as that. #Goodmorning and happy New Week

A fan had to even mentioned in his comment; the back and forth speculative information that was been thrown around the internet before the couple made the decisive confirmation yesterday.

Which one u dey sef? Lol! Dem say una engage, dem say una no engage?! Kilodeeee!? In fact I dey go engage now now!!!!! #PicksCarKeysAndRing #LookingForBae… Congrats! all the best….

lilian esoro engagement to ubi franklin speculations
This reporter admires the way Lilian Esoro handled the whole thing. While other ladies would have taken a photograph of the engagement ring and post it on the internet, Lilian just went about her normal business of shooting movies. Now there is nothing wrong with taking a photograph of the ring and posting it. After all, Lady Gaga did when she got engaged to her heartthrob earlier this year. The speculations have not only earned the couple more publicity (Donald Trump advises that you ensure you are always in the news, no matter what the reason is!!!), it has also helped them to know for real what the press knows/thinks about them and have been holding back.

Wedding bells are ringing! Congratulations Lilian Esoro and Ubi Franklin.



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