Singer Omawunmi Cries Out After Being Disrespected By Nigerian Police Officers.


The popular Nigerian Singer took to her twitter page to announce her bad experience with uniformed officers.

Omawunmi Megbele AKA Omawunmi, expressed her displeasure with how Nigeria Police Force Officers disrespected her. The music crooner explained that she was a victim of Uniformed officers that abused their office. She explained saying;

“If you want to stop and search, do it respectfully. I was disrespected today. if i didn’t put my foot down or i didn’t know my rights, i would have ended up seriously hurt.”

She further adviced Police Officers to do better for their citizens ;

“we can do better by ourselves in any position we find ourselves. you owe it to your citizens to be/do better.”

Unfortunately her fans did not show any sympathy as they felt she should have spoken about police irresponsibility a long time ago along with her fellow music artistes. Her fans feel she only experienced a potion of what an average Nigerian goes through with the Police.

During the ‘End Sars’ campaign making rounds on social media from June-August 2018, only few celebrities supported the movement. Omawunmi did not lend her voice to the course which is why she got no sympathy from her fans. Here are some comments she recieved on the post;

Style_ville said ; ” y’all were very quiet when they were harassing innocent citizens….NTOI

Ladymacbeth said ; “Sorry Aunty but you people have since refused to use your voice to be heard on behalf of the ones who don’t have a voice. It had to happen to you first.

Another commenter explained;

“Since u have big voices and can’t use it . Take your share of what people with smaller voices has been facing… head no pass head”

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