Sharon Zvinashe Resigns After N*des Leak (Photos)

nu des

Head Consultant at Telecel Zimbabwe, Sharon Zvinashe resigned after nu des photos of her surfaced. See photos here

Sharon Zvinashe, 41 has resigned from her post as a head consultant at Telecel Zimbabwe after her nu des leaked online. The photos were allegedly leaked by her boyfriend in what seems like a relationship gone sour

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The photos are extremely explicit and should not be viewed in public. See photos here. DO NOT open them in public! Click here, here, here,and here to see the photos.

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  1. I personally sympathise with Sharon Zvinashe and think her boyfriend is too basic to even matter. Can the man reveal himself. Sharon do not stop living. I have a friend who had the same unfortunate situation but to correct myself it was not the same. She actually was cheating on her husband when the pictures were taken. in this case you were with your lover. So I think this is sub judice.


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