Sexy Photos: Maheeda Releases More

Maheeda Release More Sexy Photos

Its Maheeda again! Of course she is known to always release sexy photos.

Nigerian nudist and self styled sex goddess, Maheeda has released new sexy photos. Releasing them, the former gospel singer and mother of one said that kept talking about money and her “kitty”.

I lov u, I lov u!!!!, Shut the f*ck up and give me my kitty’s money… Na lov I go chop?? When Mohfuckers think you give a fuck… Say yes, ‘when they have your money…’

Maheeda is not just releasing sexy photos. She seems to be working on a new song as she also posted an Instagram video of herself singing. But we can’t publish the lyrics! See more Maheeda’s sexy photos below.

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Maheeda Release More Sexy Photos

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Maheeda, She Release More S exy Photos


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