Sex Doll Operates Her Instagram Account.

The sex doll saga is getting more interesting day-in day-out.

A sex doll identified as Honey is the talk of the month on Instagram. This sex doll has an instagram account where “she” posts photos of herself and her boyfriend (owner).

Honey’s photo collections are exactly the same way a lady would have them. She has pictures of her and her boyfriend Casey (aka CK13) cuddling and doing other stuff.

Honey is a Slayqueen in sex doll form. She changes clothes and wigs with the help of her boyfriend. She even applies makeup and poses like a real slay queen.

Honey’s instagram account was created in Dec 2017 and now has 132 followers.

But come to think of it. Why would anyone want to follow a sex doll on social media? Well, maybe for the same reason they bought it in the first place.

These are some of her instagram pictures:

There was a period when cloned humans were made by scientists. It failed for so many reasons. Now, sex dolls are taking over.



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