Meet Manpreet, The Human Being Indians Worship As ‘god’

A 21-year-old man, Manpreet Singh who suffers from an undiagnosed illness that has restricted his height to 56cm and weight of 6kg has been worshipped by Indians as god.

Manpreet Singh is the same weight and height as a six-month-old baby was confirmed by his parents Jagtar Singh and Manjeet Kaur,that he was born normal and healthy but suddenly stopped growing when he was six months old.

They say they took him to various doctors and medical experts but they all failed to diagnose, and therefore could not treat, his illness. The parents however add that financial constraints have limited their efforts.

Locals in Punjab now consider Manpreet, who is believed to be among the smallest people in the world, a reincarnation of a Hindu god and therefore visit him daily to receive blessings from him.

Manpreet is completely dependent on his family to take care of him and cannot talk, walk or move his legs. However, despite Manpreet’s illness, his family says he is a source of joy and blessings for his neighbors and locals around Punjab.

His mother said that smong his relatives, as well as those who come from outside, he is considered to be like a God and Whoever he blesses will get their wish fulfilled.

Manjeet adds that people do not harass her son for his small stature; instead, they all love him and worship him. She also says that as a family, they do not feel bad about having him around.

Amaingly, Manpreet has two siblings, including a 19-year-old sister and a much younger brother, both of whom are normal and much bigger than him.

Watch Manpreet’s story in the video below.


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