See Bishop Oyedepo’s Birthday Message To His Wife.

Founder of Nigeria-based mega church, Faith Tabernacle, writes a heart warming message to his wife as she turns 60 today.

He wrote: “My wife is here today celebrating her 60th birthday. Death came to seize her in 2004. But Jesus stepped in to destroy the devil…In the midst of that attack, I was in 27 nations, blasting the head of the devil, with a wife dying!
Seek ye first the interest of My kingdom and leave the rest to Me…
She’s on her feet today…

I said to Jesus, ‘that you heal her is not what makes you my God. Whether you heal her or not, you are my God.’
I’m sure He must have said, ‘My son, make you no vex, I will heal her now’.” — Bishop David Oyedepo, February 4, 2018

He also shared her pictures online, including throwback pictures of the two of them.


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