“Reduce Your Bride Price” -Former Anambra Governor Advice Igbo Parents.

On the issue of High bride price in the eastern part of Nigeria, former Military governor of old Anambra State, Col. Robert Akonobi (rtd), has admonished Igbo parents to reduce the bride price of their daughters so that they can get married to young men of their choice.

He said; ‘’To me, this topic (bride price) has been dealth with in the past by Ndigbo, who came out with a reduced bride price, to enable our young boys marry our young girls,”.

He said this during the traditional wedding ceremony of the daughter of a business mogul, Chief Louis Onwugbenu, Onyinye and her husband, Bosah Chukwuogo, at the industrial city of Nnewi, Anambra State. The issue of high bride price was discussed extensively at the wedding party.

The former governor also suggest that men should study their proposed wives closely and longer before engaging into marriage because “once you marry, no one else can put it asunder.”

Father of the bride, Onwugbenu, made it kbown that be has blessed his daughter and her husband. On the bride price controversy in Igbo land, hesaid:

We do not charge money as bride price for someone to marry my daughter. To me, what is important is that my daughter should live in peace with her husband. Let her husband’s family members accept her as part and parcel of their family.”

Of a truth, the Igbo tribe is known for expensive bride price and items requested by bride’s family. This is on a high side in Imo state where the groom spends millions in the name of marriage. This has led to late marriage of their daughters as suitors avoid tying the knot.


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