RealMadrid To Dole Out 200 Million Pounds For Harry Kane

RealMadrid targets harry kane
RealMadrid targets Harry Kane

RealMadrid is set to dole out 200million for Tottenham’s Harry Kane

RealMadrid has over the past few years developed a habit of getting any player they want no matter the cost. They started it long ago but made it viral when they made a whooping bid for Ronaldo while he was yet at Manchester united, then Bale, James Rodriguez, Toni Kroos, Modric and others.

It is such that football lovers are now tagging a call from RealMadrid to be equivalent to a call from a god which cannot be rejected.

Well, if that’s even remotely true, then Harry Kane had better ensure that his phone is charged and his network is at alert because he just might be receiving a call from god.


Report has it that Real Madrid has set their radar on Harry Kane and is ready to dole out 200million pounds for him.

Harry Kane who has been in stellar from this season has scored an impressive 11 goals in 8 matches and looks set to retain his claim on the premier league golden boot for the third time in a row.

Should this deal go through, it would be an important move in the career of the young striker and possibly put him on the same level with some of the best players in the world. 


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