The Plot Against Jega’s Removal as INEC’s Boss

Jonathan plans on sacking Prof.-Jega

According to reports from an anonymous source within the presidency, the Presidency has planned on removing the Chairman of the Nigerian Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Attahiru Jega, despite assurances by the President during the 11th February Presidential media chat that nothing of such would happen.

Reports claim that INEC National Commissioner, Amina Bala Zakari, has been selected to replace Jega.

Professor Atahiru Jega according to sources, is scheduled to meet with Resident Electoral Commissioners (RECs)tomorrow Wednesday, 3rd March and it is during the meeting his terminal leave will be announced in order to give way for a substitute.

An anonymous source unveiled the plan saying;

“During Wednesday’s meeting, the RECs will pass a no confidence vote on chairman, and the FG will then step in and declare that his position is untenable since his own people don’t have confidence in him. Once Professor Jega is removed, Mr President will nominate a new chairman who will declare that INEC is not ready to use PVCs. And once PVCs are removed, it will become easier to carry out major rigging.”

These claims have not been confirmed officially by anyone.


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