Pedophile: Man Who Raped Daughter Walks Away Scot Free

Paedophilia, Man walks away after raping his daughter

A pedophile has been released without being persecuted after allegedly raping his 4-year old daughter.

A pedophile father who allegedly raped his daughter has been released without persecution, making the mother of the child cry out.

Funmi, the mother of the child revealed that she and her kids have been living in fear over what the man, who was arrested in October, will do to them.

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The woman had accused her husband of not only allegedly raping her daughter, but had on one occasion caught him inserting his finger into her private part, revealed that her child, Rebecca, could no longer talk.

Funmi said:

With all that he did, I thought he would face the law. I thought he would be prosecuted for the abominations he had committed.
Now, I look over my shoulder anytime I walk on the street. I always tell my children to be careful too. Who knows what he is planning against us?
I fear for my life and that of my children now. After he was released, he went to the school of my children and attempted to take them from there, but the teacher did not release them to him. I did not even know he was released until they told me he visited the school.
A lawyer who was appointed when the case was reported at  Lagos State Office of the Public Defender,could not be reached according to Funmi.
“I was surprised that he has been released. Nobody told me anything.
Esther Ogwu, Director of the Esther Child Rights Foundation who reported the case to the OPD,had this to say about the case;
I can say with confidence that the problem could not have come from the OPD because they don’t waste time in handling terrible cases like this.
The police were the ones who released him without prosecution. They even called the woman a liar for reporting that her husband raped his own daughter when she was invited to come and give her statement.
It is unfortunate the woman is no longer safe now. She told us that she now runs from one place to another in fear of her husband. I feel sad when things like these happen in our country and the culprits go scot-free.

The Pedophile has been reported to constantly harass his family and has put them in absolute fear since his release.









































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