Paw Eh: Mother Tries To Poison Her 3 Kids

Paw Eh: Mother tries to kill her 3 kids
Paw Eh/wfaa

A Dallas Woman Paw Eh, 31 has been arrested after allegedly trying to kill her 4-year old son with rat and ant poison.

Her Oldest child aged 12 child revealed that their mother was not successful in her attempt to force her and the one in the middle aged 7, to drink from the poison she fed the last born.

She said that their mother had called them to the kitchen but she watched as she opened the poison and forced her last born to drink it. Initially the boy refused but she slapped him and slipped the spoon in his mouth.

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The boy in the middle also told the Police that their mother wants to kill them with a poison that kills ant.

My mom wants to kill us with poison powder that kills ants and stuff.

An affidavit that was carried out by the Police has also backed the story to be true.

Neighbors around however claimed that they don’t know much about Paw Eh and her children because she speaks a different language but that they always know that she needs medical attention.

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Paw Eh has since been charged to court for attempted murder and held on $150,000 bond. However her youngest child was said to be in a hospital while the other two are in the custody of Child Protective Services, according to NBC.


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