Patricia Washington: Yes, I did a Butt Job [See Photos]

Yes, I did a Butt Job - Patricia Washington [Photos]

Patricia Washington is famous on Instagram. Main reason – large butt. She has admitted that she actually did some “work” on it but its not fake. See how she did it!

American model and celebrity steel worker, Patricia Washington has admitted that she has got a booty job. The model whose butt is really large and looks natural admitted this via her instagram account and does not care what you think about it. Her butt is reportedly 50 inch large!

Patricia Washington wrote

And the moment you all been waiting for…….. Is my butt real????? Yes and no 😂😂😂 starting at 250lbs I had the procedure done twice. I had a nice size to begin with and had a total of 2400 CCS of my own fat transferred to each cheek. Why I kept the secret? Well, for one its not anyone’s business what I do with my money and my body. Secondly I was kinda apprehensive with telling people at first but now I’m at a point of my life where I don’t care who knows or what people may say. No matter what someone would’ve ALWAYS had something to say even If I didn’t have it done.

Patricia’s dimensions are 38-25-50. Click here to see her large modified butt.

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Patricia Washington‘s procedure is called a Brazilian Butt Lift meaning that there are not silicons in her epic large ass. They simply took fat out of her stomach, arms and thighs and transferred it to her already big natural ass.

Patricia Washington: For those who keep asking what I look in my work pants. Here u go, nothing spectacular lol
Patricia: For those who keep asking what I look in my work pants. Here u go, nothing spectacular lol

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Patricia Washington still works full time in a steel mill and models part time – yes she does not model full time ladies. She’s got a day job and she is very good at it!


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