Oshiomhole: Age is a number haters – Corazon Kwamboka

age is a number corazon kwamboka tells adams oshiomhole who just married lara fortes

Very hot Kenya lawyer and socialite Corazon Kwamboka, who is best known for her highly voluptuous body and really large butt, has released a statement against anyone who dares to blame Edo State governor for marrying a young lady or Lara Fortes for marrying a rich man who is not young. Corazon Kwamboka wrote that this morning when she shared a photograph of Governor Adams Oshiomhole putting a ring on his beautiful wife’s finger.

Corazon Kwamboka wrote;

Love has no limits. Age is just a number. Who are you to judge who another chooses to love? So it’s okay to fall in love with a servant but wrong to fall in love with the king you are a gold digger? Rich pple also need love and so do old pple. #oshiomole #amout. Broke niggas will be hating, don’t hate just hustle harder so that when you are old and wrinkled a young mama will fall in love with u.

Corazon Kwamboka broke the internet recently when photographs of her very sexy body were first noticed by bloggers who published them.[contextly_sidebar id=”7ha2L7rbHG4g5u0yoMaL7ksTXFKNQU1y”]

Adams Oshiomhole married his heartthrob, Lara Fortes yesterday over five years after he lost his first wife Clara to cancer. The governor’s supporters would definitely say a big thank you to Corazon Kwamboka for standing up for the “Comrade Governor.”


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