Oral Sex Will Keep Your Woman Happy – Olumofin

A self-acclaimed “Love Doctor”, Joro Olumofin has suggested three ways of making a woman happy. According to him, the first way to keep a woman happy is to “give her oral sex 9 times” every week. The second way, he says, is to “listen to her like a sermon”. He said the third way to make a woman happy is to give her money.

What has caused the most controversy is the first reason he stated. For instance, one of his readers commented;

“This makes no sense to me. Give her head , head, head,…………and dont be loyal? What happns to respct? What happns to being a good listnr?? . Dear brothers, head and more head wont work on evry woman.”

Joro Olumofin who has a Bsc and Msc in Psychology shared his claim through Instagram some hours ago. He wrote that his claim is based on research.

joro Olumofin

In his words,

“Researching this Topic: 3 ways to keep your woman Happy.
– Give her Oral Sex 9 times a week
– Listen to her like a sermon – Give her money
Most importantly give her Head 9 times a week, you have 6 days of her period to rest but continue 2/3 days after her Period.
You will have a Happy Faithful partner. Thank me later”

Another respondent commented that giving a lady a head 9 times a week is no guarantee that she will be faithful. He stated that she will still cheat despite that.

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“Oga u are very wrong on this one. If u like forget ur head for there, if she is the ojukokoro type she will still cheat. Abegi”

Joro Olumofin is a bachelor and recently stated that he was under pressure to get married. Apart from his writings, Mr. Olumofin is also a dealer in hair and beard maintenance products.

What is your opinion? Do you think Joro Olumofin is right? Why? Leave a comment below.


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