“The Accusations Are False. I Did Not Steal Okafor’s Law”- Omoni Oboli

oboli's okafor's law

“Okafor’s Law was written 100% by me” Omoni Oboli remains adamant.

Award winning actress, Omoni Oboli has remained steadfast in her claim that she did not steal anyone’s work. She has said that the movie was created by her pure genius.

In a counter-affidavit submitted by Augustine Alegeh (SAN) for the first and second defendants in the copyright infringement case between Omoni Oboli and Chioma Onyenwe, the former is still insisting that she created the controversial movie “Okafor’s Law,” from beginning to end.

They also claim that loss of earning or revenue from the cancelled premiere is estimated at 200 million naira, including revenue from seat bookings, ticket sales and advert placement.

On the expected nationwide release of March 31, 2017, the defendants claim to have spent 150 million naira on logistics and planning of the release.
They also reiterated that the plaintiff isn’t entitled to any reliefs and expect the Judge to dismiss the

Plaintiff’s application, with substantial costs against them.
A verdict regarding the cinema release of the movie is expected to hold today, Thursday, 30, 2017.

According to the counter-affidavit, Oboli had contracted Jude Idada to write the screenplay for “Okafor’s Law,” however, no contract was signed.

The first and second defendants claim to have revealed the idea, concept and story during a meeting with Idada, to help him develop the screenplay.
However, Idada when contacted, said he had lost his work on the movie alongside his computer which was stolen in Uganda.
They have also claimed that all attempts to reach Idada after he was contracted was futile, therefore, they decided to write their own script for the movie.

Omoni Oboli and Chioma Chukwuka at the premiere of "Okafor's Law"
According to them, Idada didn’t submit any script to Dioni Visions and they were not aware that he had written a script at the time they produced the movie.

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They also stated that they didn’t see any script by Idada before they produced the controversial movie.
On the huge financial investments they have made in the process of producing “Okafor’s Law,” the first and second defendants claim to have spent 100 million naira in branding, advertising and planning of the premiere which was cancelled on the 24th of March, 2017, as a result of an injunction served the defendants.



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