OMG!!! Young Man Falls From a Flying Plane in London

OMG!!! Young Man Falls From Plane in London

A stowaway was found dead on the roof of an office building in London after he fell from an airplane as it made its descent towards the tarmac of Heathrow Airport (a stowaway is a person who hides aboard a ship or airplane in order to obtain free transportation).

According to sources, the young man fell from a Boeing 747 aircraft operated by British Airways. The unidentified young man and his partner were reported to have sneaked on to the plane and hide in the undercarriage compartment of the plane just before departure from Johannesburg on Wednesday evening.

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Even though he did not make it through the over 11 hour flight, his partner in crime survived the flight from South Africa and is reportedly in a critical condition in a London airport. It is worthy of note that a flight from South Africa to London is about 8,000 miles.

Recall that earlier this year, we reported an incident of a man who died in the wheel-well of an Arik Air plane that was New York bound.


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