Nigerians Condemn Australian Twins Sharing A Boyfriend

Nigerians condemn Anna and Lucy
The twins, Anna and Lucy and their boyfriend, Ben Byme. photo; facebook

Nigerians condemn Australian twins that share everything. Anna and Lucy DeCinque share everything from a bed to a boyfriend.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque have gained fame from their revelation of the fact that they share everything, a boyfriend inclusive. The twins, aged 30, claim that it actually works. Nigerians have condemned this however on social media.

The twins have spent over $250,000 on cosmetic surgeries.This is to make sure that they look exactly the same. They practice the same exercise routines and are on the same diet. According to them, they had tried dating different boyfriends at some points. However, these boyfriends did not understand Anna and Lucy’s closeness or their need to be together.

anna and lucy
Photo;Anna and Lucy/Facebook

Ben Byme, their boyfriend, understands this because he is a twin as well. Therefore, he understands their needs and the relationship is working out well. He is a 32-year old electrical mechanic. They said;

We’ve had separate boyfriends before, but they didn’t understand our closeness. Ben understands we want to be together all the time.He understands the twin thing and the very close bond we have with each other.

anna and lucy
Photo; Anna and Lucy with Ben their boyfriend/Facebook

The twins also plan to get pregnant at the same time. This is because their bodies have to be similar always.

Nigerians condemn this and have viewed this as a sign of the prophesied end-time in the Bible.Others remain indifferent, claiming that in a generation like the 21st century, anything was possible. They stated that as long as the twins were not hurting anyone, they should not be critisized.

Some refer to their bonding as creepy and overdone, stating that if they slept together with “their” boyfriend, it was synonymous to incest and lesbianism. Their children would be siblings and have the same father. They would also be cousins with the same uncle.

For example, Olasunkanmi Shobowale,  a Facebook user said;

Honestly it’s written in the bible and Koran who and who not to marry, this is another case of man against the Almighty God. I’m not trying to be bigot here but we must not be swayed by their colour or beauty, even satan was the most handsome among the Angels before he was casted out.

A very interesting question that was asked was if the twins had any plans for the eventuality that one might die before the other.

anna and lucy
photo;anna and lucy decinque/facebook


anna and lucy
Anna and Lucy DeCinque


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