Nigerian Senator Reveals Why He Won’t Disclose His Salary

nigerian senator

Nigerian Senator who appeared on an interview on national television, refused to disclose his salary. He also gave reasons for him withholding the information

The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Nigerian Senator Aliyu Abdullahi said this during the weekend. He was being interviewed on the live program ‘ Politics Today’ aired on Channels TV.

The presenter had asked him how much he earned as a Senator, at this he had gotten angry. He told the presenter that it was rude of the presenter to ask him such a question on national TV.

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In his words;

You don’t expect me to come out on national television to say this is what I earn. It is not done. I cannot ask you as a journalist how much you earn. It is not done.

If anybody is interested in how much we are getting paid, you know where to get the information. The documents are available. If Nigerians won’t believe that, is it what I will say that they will believe?

There have been a lot of speculation as to what the actual earnings of the senate is. Recall that the Chairman, Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, Prof. Itse Sagay (SAN), has claimed that a Nigerian senator earns N29m per month. To this, the senator retorted that Sagay was not correct:

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This issue has become a recurring decimal. In the last two years people have been discussing this matter and I always ask myself, what do people really want to believe? I think if this subject matter has been discussed for two years and we are still looking at issues wrongly, then I think there is something wrong with us.

The institutions that are responsible for providing this information are there. A law was promulgated on Top Salary Scale also known as TOPSA and it is based on this scale that everyone who holds one political office or the other gets paid.




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