Monkey Pox Disease Affects Schools In Anambra

monkey pox
monkey pox

The recent outbreak of monkey pox disease in Nigeria has caused a lot of scare.

This is mainly in the eastern region of the country where conspiracy rumors have been trending as related to the monkey pox disease. 

Most recent of the states affected by the monkey pox disease scare is Anambra state. Report has it that most schools in the state didn’t open because of the scare. 

Parents were reluctant to send their children to school because of the activities that occurred on Wednesday 11th of October 2017. 

According to reports, the 82nd division of the Nigerian army commenced a military medical outreach that day. That of course might have been the cause of the scare. 


The Commissioner for health in Anambra state: Dr Joe Akabuike has this to say about the situation. 

“We have activated a rapid response team, isolated camps, acquired needed drugs. We have also commenced a sensitization campaign to educate the public about the disease.

“The disease is usually transmitted by direct contact with infected animals.

“It can be transmitted by eating poorly cooked meat from an infected rodent or monkey, person to person through infected respiratory droplets.

“Monkey pox is a relatively uncommon disease. Risk factors include animal bites and scratches from infected animals mainly monkeys. 

“There is no vaccine for treatment of the disease. We administer the common ones for the treatment of small pox” 


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