Messi Blocks Miss BumBum On Instagram


Messi’s missus forced the star footballer to block the sexy Brazilian and winner of the Miss BumBum contest after she baraged him with a slide of sexy photos

Messi’s wife, Antonella Roccuzzo has reportedly forced him to block Suzy Cortez, sexy Miss BumBum after she stormed him with provocative photos of her. She obviously don’t want none of that.

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In one of the pictures, she is shown from behind wearing a football jersey with Messi’s name on it, displaying her full butt cheeks. A front view showed Suzy covering just one of her breasts.


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According to New york post, she revealed that she was shocked that she had been blocked because she was just a huge fan of Messi and his wife was just plain jealous.

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In her words:

I was completely shocked when I spotted it. If I could, I would tell her not to be worried about me – I’m just a fan. I’m surprised that she isn’t more sure of herself. I guess it can only be because she is jealous. It’s very silly because I’m just a football fan and a huge fan of Barcelona. This is such an overreaction

I only follow about 10 people, and he was one of them. So when I saw that I was blocked I thought it could only be jealousy. Why would he block me if he has 40 million followers? Then I checked her profile and confirmed she had also blocked me.

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