Meet Man Whose Name is Sex Machine.

A young man named Sex Machine has caused a sir on the internet because of his name. It is quite hilarious how his christened name (sex) compliments his surname (Machine).

The Zimbabwean made it know that his father, Paul Machine, named him “Sex” when he was born. This, he revealed, has caused a lot of controversies. The mechanic went further to say that some of customers find his name offensive.

Sex Machine revealed that at times he prefer to make do with his Uncle’s name, Mike as it is more pleasant. He said;

“That is my name. I cannot deny it. I went to Tapfuma Primary School and Rukweza High and that is the name I used,” “Sometimes I call myself Mike, a name that also belongs to my uncle. “My father is the best person to explain why he gave me such a name.”

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Sex Machine/ YLOB

The young mechanic went further to explain how uncomfortable his wife was at first with regards to the name. She bears the name “Mrs. Machine” which is now accustomed to already. In his words:

“I had to devise means to alter my name so that my clients find it easy and respectable,” he said. “I am happily married. At first my wife could not believe my name, but she adapted to it. She is Mrs Machine. My father calls me Mike or Sex depending on where we are and who is around,”

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The Mechanic, Sex Machine, hails from Marondera in Zimbabwe. Whatever the father’s thought process, Sex has not turned out to be the pleasure maniac his father may have envisaged as he revealed he is nothing near a sex machine.


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