Man Steals Diesel to Pay Child’s School Fees

Damilola Kehinde, a 36-year-old father of one, has accepted responsibility for the theft of a 30-litre jerry can of diesel to raise money to send his only child to school.

Earlier, over 250 liters of diesel were stolen in Jerry Cans from the same compound by thieves.

The suspect Damilola was caught at about 6.30am at the photo laboratory which is located Leo area of Akure Metropolis.

He is currently locked up at Okuta Erinla Police Station.

During an interview, the suspect confessed stating that he decided to engage in the disgraceful act to meet an urgent need in his life, as all hopes to get mone to meet that need had failed.

When asked what his need was, he said: “I decided to steal the diesel in order to pay my childes school fees.”


He said his child had stayed home after the second term break because he could not raise the school fees.

He pleaded for clemency, and promised never to steal again if he was forgiven.

The suspect came into the premises with a commercial motorcyclist, who parked at leo junction while he entered into the compound to do the deed.

However, the odds were not in his favor as one of the staff at the laboratory caught him leaving the compound with the 30liters jerry can filled with diesel.

An eyewitness at the scene of the crime, said the suspect ran, but the worker raised an alarm which attracted people in the compound and he was pursued, only to be caught on another street trying to change his outfit In order to avoid being recognized.


The District Police Officer (DPO), at Okuta Elerinla where he is being detained, could not be reached for a comment on the issue.

A top officer however confirmed that the suspect was with them and was being questioned and would also be charged to court this week.


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