Man Runs From Abuja To Lagos For Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

abuja to lagos stevens-johnson syndrome

Fadesola Adedayo, completed his marathon from Abuja to Lagos yesterday against the Stevens-Johnson Syndrome that killed his brother

Fadesola who recently returned to Nigeria from Canada where he stays to run a marathon from Abuja to Lagos as a means to raising awareness against the disease, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome that claimed the life of his brother, Adeyosola.

Adeyosola died from the Stevens-Johnson Syndrome on March 2oth, 2012, just six months after the birth of his son. A UK-trained medical doctor was administering free community health services when he observed some blood on his hands after treating an HIV patient.

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Although he took medication to prevent HIV infection, he experienced a severe skin reaction. In two weeks, he wound up dead at the age of 27.

Fadesola, a marathoner began a 717km-long trek against tge spread of the Stevens-Johnson Syndrome all the way from Abuja on May 13. He finished on Monday May 30th at the Gani Fawehinmi Freedom Park in Ojota where newsmen awaited him.

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Stevens-Johnson syndrome, a form of toxic epidermal necrolysis, is a life-threatening skin condition, in which cell death causes the epidermis to separate from the dermis. The condition is most often a severe reaction to some medications.

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