Man Gets Penis Broken While Having Sex In Vietnamese

vietnamese man breaks penis during sex

A man got his penis broken while having wild sex with his partner in Vietnamese. He was quickly taken to the hospital as he was groaning in pain.

According to the 59 year old Vietnamese man, he told doctors at the Ho Chi Minh City Hospital that he heard a loud cracking sound while having sex with his partner.

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The doctors observed that the penis was broken from the joint. There was also discolouration around the damaged organ. The broken organ has changed from the usual skin colour to purple.

Dr Mai Ba Tien Dung from Binh Dan Hospital said that case required immediate medical attention to avoid erectile dysfunction in future.

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The organ was swollen and bruised, but also certainly broken at the joint,’

The case was very rare, but occurred at full erection. ‘Symptoms include a clear “crack” that is accompanied by a sharp pain,’ he said. This would be followed by purple colouration and ongoing pain and discomfort.

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Without timely surgery, the patient can suffer from a deformed and curved penis and erectile dysfunction.

The case of this 59-year-old patient is rare, occurring only once out of a thousand cases of broken penises recorded in medical literature.’

Doctors at the hospital are already working together to position the broken organ back into place.

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