Man Dies After Wild Sex In Thailand With Transgender


A foreigner died after hitting his head on a wall during a wild sex romp with a transgender in a hotel. The man who was allegedly drunk was found naked and dead on the floor

On May 15, a foreigner died after hitting his head on the wall during a wild sex romp with a transgender A.K.A Ladyboy in a Pattaya hotel. * Ladyboy is a term that refers to a transgender woman or an effeminate gay male in Thailand.
Authorities were notified of his death around 5am on Sunday morning. On arrival at the second room floor of the hotel off Walking street, they found the dead body of  a John Doe (unidentified male). He was found naked and assumed to be aged between 40 – 45
The 22-year old ladyboy (pictured with the police) from Buriram, told investigators that they met earlier on Walking street and agreed on  a fee of 3,000 Baht for short time sex. According to ST Bangkok, the unnamed transgender said the man was very drunk and was very wild when it came to doing the horizontal mambo.
She went on saying that during their moment of passion, the man banged his head on the wall and fell to the floor. The body has been sent for autopsy and the police are currently trying to identify the man.
Investigators said the man likely tripped due to his intoxicated state causing him to injure himself, however, they will await the results of the autopsy to determine the exact cause of death before questioning the ladyboy further.



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