Longest Fingernails: Lady Spends 23 Years Growing Hers

longest fingernails

A lady from Texas has been honoured for having the world’s longest fingernails, which she spent 23 years of her life growing

The lady identified as Ayanna Williams has fingernails that measure about 18 feet in length in total. Ayanna is a nail artist who hails from Houston, Texas. Each individual nail is about 2 foot long and this has earned her a place in the 2018 Guiness World Records Deluxe edition for longest fingernails.

Ayanna who spent most of her adult life growing her nails revealed that she was first inspired by a friend but she decided to continue to grow them. She uses an anti-bacterial soap and nail brush to keep clean them everyday. She also applies hardener and acrylic polish to keep them growing steady. Her nails usually take about a week to paint.

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According to Ayann, the hardest thing about keeping her nails is having to pull up her pants trousers. However, she is getting lots of attention for her long nails and so her family thinks it’s quite normal.

Her reason for growing her nails is simply:

 To let my children know that anything they want to accomplish can be done. It takes courage, discipline and patience but it can be accomplished.

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longest fingernailslongest fingernails


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