Lil Kesh replies show promoter who said “You no fit blow again” to the artist.


“Go and take care of your babymama” Lil Kesh responds to Kogbagidi .

A music promoter, Kogbagidi, made a post on his Instagram post yesterday, where he referred to Lil Kesh as an artist that can not make viral songs again.

This did not go down well with many social media users as they called out the show promoter asking if he is God to decide another man’s fate.

The popular musician, Lil Kesh, has now responded to this insult, with a write up on his Twitter page saying;

“stay true to yourself, stay happy always, you owe yourself that much. The internet is a town square, those who cannot take care of their baby mama will come and take out their anger on you. The lord will heal you”

It is true that Lil Kesh has been unable to release hit songs of recent but that does not mean his musical career is over.

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