Lesbianism Booms in Prison – Ex-inmate

Lesbianism Booms in Prison - Ex-inmate

A former prison inmate, Jennifer Ngozi Mberekpe recounts her experience with lesbianism while still in prison.

A former Nigerian prison inmate, Jennifer Ngozi Mberekpe has shared some of the experience she had while she was in prison. She recounted her experience with lesbians in her chat with Saturday Vanguard. According to her, lesbianism is the order of the day in the prison.

I discovered some unholy practices such as lesbianism thriving in prison. But I did not do it because from the moment I was ushered into the place, my cell mates knew I was a Christian and did not indulge in such unholy practice.

She recounted how horrible her experience in prison was. She also claimed that she was abandoned by her family and church members.

Even when I called my relations, friends and church members nobody came to my rescue. But despite my predicaments, I still had peace within me and I strongly believed that someday, I would regain my freedom.

Jennifer Ngozi Mberekpe claimed she was pestered to join in the act of lesbianism but stood her ground. Her refusal to join, she told Vanguard, made her fellow inmates persecute and insult her.  However, Miss Jennifer is now thanking God for seeing her through as the judge struck out the case and freed her after spending about a year in prison.


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