Late Karl Lagerfeld Willed $300 million to Pet Cat, Choupette

Legendary Fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld who died on Tuesday at the age of 85 in Paris, has reportedly willed a large portion of his wealth to his cat, Choupette. The 7 year old white Birman cat will be receiving a fortune worth $300 million.

The former Creative Director of Channel and Fendi had in 2018 told Numero Magazine during an interview that the cat is one of the heirs to his fortune. He went further to say that she is eligible to be his heir under the German law.


Karl and his pet cat

Lagerfeld had revealed in 2015 that his “divine pampered creature” earned three million euros $3.18 million in 2014 from performing two ad campaigns for Peuogeot and L’Oreal.

Karl’s favorite creature on Planet Earth, Choupette, is not just an average cat. She was the muse for the fashion mogul’s 2015 collection, “Choupette in Love”; the book “Choupette: The Private Life of a High-Flying Cat” which was published in 2014 and a $545 stuffed toy replica of Choupette that hit the market in 2017.

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The White cat whose eyes are piercing blue has over 157,000 followers on Instagram. She has 2 maids, a chef, a personal hairdresser and many diamond necklaces.


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